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Cooking Up Artic K and G, Boom Cards Speech Therapy, Fronting

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About This Product

Cooking Up Artic K and G, Boom Cards Speech Therapy, Fronting

The 'Cooking Up Artic K and G' teaching resource has been designed specifically for speech therapy and life skills development. It is beneficial for educators in public schools, homeschoolers, or private tutors.

Target Audience & Key Features

Mainly targeted at preschool to grade 2 learners, this tool embraces a fun cooking theme that helps children follow instructions while focusing on the /k/ and /g/ phonemes. It aids not only in articulating these phonemes but also enhances comprehension of serial instructions—a vital life skill. Tasks involving 'prepositions' (indicating chronology or positioning) along with questions starting with 'what' and 'where', assist in language development.

Versatility & Adaptability

A major highlight is its adaptability. This resource fits perfectly into one-on-one therapy sessions or group activities as well as teletherapy sessions owing to the convenience offered by digital Boom Cards.

  • This package includes over 50 target words focused on /k/ and /g/ phonemes all positions; hence providing extensive practice for sentence production exercises.
  • Included are various language learning tasks addressing sequencing prepositions, following directions tasks plus WH questions associated with 'what’ & ‘where' concepts.
  • The set comprises of 35 Boom Cards that invite potential articulation points along with numerous instances prompting usage of language skills—invaluable data sources for both distance learning methods and face-to-face instruction using tablets/computer interfaces. With continuous Internet accessibility teachers can effortlessly assign specific Boom Card stacks through Fast Pins thereby developing self-grading practices while maintaining security and privacy. +

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