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Count On 0-26: Autumn Theme Counting Activity

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About This Product

Count On 0-26: Autumn Theme Counting Activity

Engineered for a deep dive into the world of mathematics, specifically number sequences, the Count On 0-26: Autumn Theme Counting Activity is an engaging and educational tool for young learners from preschool up to third grade. This activity integrates snappy education with an autumn-themed packaging.

This resource comprises of:

  • 27 number strip pages, designed in a playful manner to introduce and reinforce numeric sequences among students. It encourages cognition over memorization through hands-on involvement.
  • A simple 'Print-Laminate-Cut'-based preparation model which considerably simplifies workload for educators.

The primary activity includes verbal or visual counting followed by writing down numbers in provided squares. This methodical activity boosts numeracy and fine motor skills alike due to the incorporation of writing exercises.

Suitable For:

  • Larger classroom settings
  • Tiny homeschool groups
  • Potential take-home assignments included within homework packets etc.
The entire product is bundled within an easily downloadable PDF file ensuring hassle-free user experience right from downloading till execution, even if you're technologically not too skilled!
Note: Whether you are introducing basic mathematics concepts or looking forward to consolidating previously learnt numerical relationships - this tool caters effectively; wrapped neatly within a vibrant autumn theme.

What's Included

11 printable pages in PDF Format

Resource Tags

counting numbers autumn hands-on activity math curriculum

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