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Counting Wishbones Clip Cards (0 - 10) - EBOOK

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About This Product

Counting Wishbones Clip Cards (0 - 10) - EBOOK is an interactive teaching resource specifically fashioned to make counting both engageable and exciting for students. Using clip cards, this digital tool bolsters numerical literacy tantamount to enhancing kids' fine motor skills.

The exercise involves:

  • Kids counting the wishbones in the hands of the child in each illustration.
  • Attaching a paper clip or clothespin to the corresponding number on each card.

This engaging activity caters for numbers from 0 to 10, having a unique card for every numeral. Merging play-based learning with academic skill enhancement makes it an ideal choice for math centers within traditional and homeschool environments. Significantly, this abstract approach aids young minds in grasping numeracy concepts more tangibly thus ensuring enhanced understanding and retention.

An organized design advantage:
Both cards and clips fit conveniently into readily accessible plastic photo boxes at craft stores – simplifying storage while maintaining classroom functionality. Note: The product isn't limited to wishbone counting! Our collection extends its diversity with variations including objects like apples or leaves – aimed at sustaining student interest levels over time. Important to note that upon purchase, this resource becomes available as a PDF download. Users can also trial our free Counting Apples Clip Cards (0-10) version before purchasing. Ideal for early-stage mathematical explorations targeted at preschoolers & kindergarteners! Don't miss other educative themes such as Halloween or Christmas season-related clip card sets that reinforce numerical skills while resonating festive moods! Our store also offers value pack options inclusive of several thematic sets together! Educating can sometimes prove challenging but innovative methods such as those seen in Counting Wishbones Clip Cards (0 - 10) - EBOOK substantially ease educators' responsibilities with their simple and engaging design.

What's Included

8 pages in PDF format

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counting clip cards interactive learning fine motor skills numeracy

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