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Country Farmhouse Classroom Management Hand Signs-Editable

Country Farmhouse Classroom Management Hand Signs-Editable
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About This Product

Country Farmhouse Classroom Management Hand Signs-Editable

The Country Farmhouse Classroom Management Hand Signs-Editable resource is a beautifully designed teaching aid. Perfect for educators looking to create an inviting and calming learning environment. Its rustic country farmhouse design can add charm to any class environment with features like:

  • French ticking stripes
  • Chalkboard accents
  • Wooden backgrounds
  • String lights and watercolor foliage visual elements.

Pastel hues and Multicultural Sign Posters:

The integration of hues of gray, navy, and neutrals into three different posters featuring multi-cultural hand signs renders this teaching resource functional as well as visually pleasing. This effective communication tool promotes engagement within the diverse student population.

Better Classroom Management:

Educators can expect significant improvements in classroom management when employing these universal hand signals for varying instruction scenarios across group sizes.

Editability at its best!

This customizable set's forte lies in being fully editable through Microsoft PowerPoint, enabling instructors to personalize these designs by adding their preferred fonts for complete personalization while maintaining design consistency throughout the learning space.

Tips for Better quality:


To ensure longevity in use with vibrant final results, it is recommended that these resources be printed on card stock.

Versatile Compatibility:

Suitable across grades from Early Learning up until Grade 5. This product help in maintaining continuity during holiday periods or during Back To School times creating cohesive visuals not just limited to a single grade level. Attachments such as worksheets beneficial not just inside classrooms but handy reference during homework time too, augmenting educative effort effectively. This resource proves helpful whether you're a public-school teacher or homeschooler.

What's Included

Includes editable hand signal posters with 3 different designs to pick from to help with classroom management!


-3 different design posters with multi-cultural hand signs

-editable PowerPoint ready for your to add your fonts

***printing on card stock will help save ink and give you a more even, vibrant end result!***

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