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Country Farmhouse Word Wall Headings

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Country Farmhouse Word Wall Headings

These outstanding teaching tools sit at the intersection of chic design and practicality. Created with an eye for design, the Country Farmhouse Word Wall Headings capture elements like French ticking stripes, rustic wood backgrounds, lovely string lights, chalkboard accents and watercolor foliage, resulting in an environment conducive for learning.

Educators seeking visually appealing assets will find value in these word wall heading labels. The calming patina facilitates a soothing atmosphere that encourages academic focus.

Versatile Background Styles

  • Chalkboard-dark
  • Weathered-wood light

The alternating background styles appeal to varied preferences while maintaining consistency with the farmhouse theme. More excitingly, these labels are age-agnostic; educators across elementary schools to high schools can effectively utilize them.

Premium Print-Readiness & Durability

You'd be able to effortlessly insert these print-ready PDF files into both small group activities and whole class lessons by printing on card stock paper. As a result you save ink while obtaining vibrant and sturdy end-products ready for hanging or display.

Versatility Beyond Seasons

Sprucing up your room for Back To School season? Or refreshing your learning space mid-year during holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas? The Country Farmhouse Word Wall Headings, are superbly suited as a go-to teaching tool all year round.

Add charm to any classroom with this functional yet stylish resource that works across different grades and subjects without sacrificing style.
Increase simplicity coupled with functionality today by introducing our Country Farmhouse Word Wall Headings into your teaching materials.

What's Included

These word wall heading labels are just the thing to start creating your own farmhouse themed room!

includes alternating background styles for farmhouse enthusiasts!

***printing on card stock will help save ink and give you a more even, vibrant end result!***

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