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Country Farmhouse Classroom Decor-Editable Banners

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About This Product

Country Farmhouse Classroom Decor - Editable Banners

This unique teaching resource is a beacon of warmth and charm, perfect for educators looking to spruce up their learning environment. The rustic farmhouse design complete with French ticking stripes, charming wood backgrounds, chalkboard accents, twinkling string lights and endearing watercolor foliage brings an inviting sense of tranquility that can boost students' engagement and learning experiences.

Imagine walking into a classroom that's not just another bland space but an engaging sanctuary filled with subtle country aesthetics! That's the beauty this educational/resource offers.
  • Featuring over 12 pages of well-detailed banners articulated in a French-country-inspired design elements.
  • Fully customizable through Microsoft PowerPoint, allowing you to add your own fonts or create specific sayings that resonate best with your class.
  • The versatility allows for mix-and-match depending on personal tastes or periodic change during holidays such as Back To School specials.

We ensure ease in creativity for every educator. You only need to copy-paste or delete slides until they become patterns that suit the mood setting you envision as you conduct academic activities—whole group instructions , small group discussions , individual assignments among others—always ensuring delight and enthusiasm from learners at all times .

Printing Insights:

Please note, printing on card stock results in brighter color quality and also helps conserve ink.

In summary, Country Farmhouse Classromm Décor – Editable Banners are ideal resources designed perfectly for educators seeking unique graphic tools towards enriching classroom ambiance while promoting active participation amongst learners during lessons!

What's Included

Choose from over 12 banners with French country and farmhouse flair to customize any classroom sayings with your own font. Mix and match to make this totally unique and totally you.


12 pages to mix and match your banner design-simply copy/paste or delete unwanted slides to create your own pattern (can use to make customized, extra decor for your classroom)

***printing on card stock will help save ink and give you a more even, vibrant end result!***

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