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Crayon Drawn Children with Masks

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About This Product

Crayon Drawn Children with Masks: A Unique Teaching Resource

Crayon Drawn Children with Masks serves as a unique teaching tool fitting seamlessly into curriculum across all grade levels. The importance of fostering open discussions about our rapidly changing world cannot be overstated, and this resource delivers a fun and relevant aid to help students understand the necessity of masks in their daily lives.

A Diverse and Appealing Set

  • This resource features 17 colorful drawings (alongside corresponding line art) sporting children wearing face masks.
  • The images are diverse, featuring hair types (curly or straight), hair colors (light brown, dark brown, blonde or black), skin tones (from pink to various shades of brown), and mask colors (green to red).

Versatility in Usage

The illustrations can be used during class group discussions as visual aids or integrated into individual assignments for clip art purposes. They effectively encourage student creativity while subtly reinforcing the importance of wearing masks.

Distance Learning Relevance

In scenarios where face-to-face interaction is minimal, these images serve as familiar reminders that we are all alike behind our masks—regardless whether one has light brown curly hair dressed in a purple mask or dark brown curly hair adorned with a red mask.

Distribution Formats
  • The file type provided is JPEG ensuring high-quality print-outs for those desiring physical copies.
  • These graphics can easily be incorporated digitally into presentations for online classes making them especially useful given current global circumstances.
Bearing no specific grade-level specification makes Crayon Draw Children with Masks universally applicable spanning different age groups including homeschooling setups—taking care to promote inclusivity alongside vital health awareness.

What's Included

includes 17 colored and line arts for the following situations

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