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Eggcellent Animated Digital Stickers

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About This Product

Eggcellent Animated Digital Stickers

Engage your students in distance learning with Eggcellent Animated Digital Stickers, a delightful teaching resource designed for educators. This product provides an interactive tool that can be used across various online platforms such as Google Classroom, Seesaw, Slides, or Canva.

The stickers come in two formats which can easily be incorporated into any virtual classroom setting:

  • Animated stickers (gif) for a more dynamic feedback method
  • Static stickers (png) for a clearer and straightforward approach

With four unique designs previewable via thumbnails before use, these digital stickers aim to enhance student engagement by providing visual cues of achievement and progress. And because they are highly versatile, they fit into different educational activities such as:

  1. Whole group discussions where teachers highlight exceptional insights from students.
  2. Group tasks where teachers mark significant steps achieved.
  3. Evaluation of homework assignments including essay grading.

Suitable For All Grade Levels

No need to worry about grade specifics! The Eggcellent Animated Digital Stickers transcend age boundaries being perfectly suitable for all learners—from elementary through middle school up to high school students—the efficacy remains consistent across all tiers. The file type is Image: JPG making it easily accessible and user-friendly even for non-tech savvy users who prefer uncomplicated integrations into their existing instructional strategies.

In Conclusion...
Eggcellent Animated Digital Stickers not only provide educators with an innovative way to give fun feedback but also helps foster a vibrant learning atmosphere imbued with creativity—an avenue where acknowledging success becomes not just rewarding but also visually engaging!

What's Included

4 animated stickers (gif)

4 static stickers (png)

There are 4 designs. Please check the thumbnails.

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