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Crayon Math: Hands-on Multiplication and Division Practice

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Grade 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Crayon Math: Hands-on Multiplication and Division Practice

This resource is a fun and interactive tool that offers hands-on multiplication and division practice and a good introduction to the idea of factors for students in grades 2-4. This versatile activity mixes math and art, as students explore colorful crayons and the ways they can be sorted into equal groups. Students dive into the factors of 24 through categorizing crayons in different ways. All you need for supplies is one box of 24 crayons for each learning group.

Incorporating teamwork, creativity, and systemization, students work in groups, with each one tasked with finding a unique way of organizing their 24 crayons.

There are 6 different worksheets for 6 different ways of organizing the crayons (2 equal groups, 3 equal groups, 4 equal groups, 6 equal groups, 8 equal groups, and 12 equal groups.

  • For example, students assigned to split their crayons into two equal groups, might create a rule of warm and cool colors.

  • They will discover that each group has 12 crayons.

  • They will use each crayon to color one of the boxes on their worksheet.

  • You can then have each group present their findings to the class, and in this way you will discover all the fact families (factors) of 24!

  • Students might also start to notice patterns such 6x4 and 4x6 which allows for a discussion of the commutative property of multiplication.

Finally, an individual worksheet includes a variety of multiplication and division questions to reinforce the factors of 24 learned through the lesson. This can be assigned at the end of the lesson for independent work, assessment, or homework.

Grades to Use With:

This lesson is designed for students in grades 2-4 who are starting to learn the basics of multiplication and divisions, fact families, and factors.

What's Included:

A total of 9 pages:

Title Page

6 different ways to split the crayons

Practice Worksheet

Sample Answer Key

Resource Tags

multiplication division teamwork interactive hands-on math equal groups math inquiry math project factors fact families

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