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Multiplication and Division Facts for Older Students (Grades 6-10)

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About This Product

Do you have middle school or high school students who need to practice their multiplication and division facts and review their knowledge of factors and multiples? Here’s a package of worksheets designed just for them!

What's Included: 11 Page PDF: Ready to Print and Go!

8 pages of ready-to-print worksheets!

3 page answer key included

1) Factor Practice: Students are given a list of products, and they must write 2 factors that could multiply to make each product. It’s kind of like a math minute in reverse!

2) Factor Practice: Picture Puzzle: Students identify prime numbers and how many pairs of factors composite numbers have. If they do it correctly, they will reveal a hidden picture.

3) Prime Factors: Students work with prime factors to make factor trees. A sample is included.

4) Factor Dice Game: Students can play on their own or race with a partner. They roll two dice, multiply the numbers, and then think of all the ways you could make that product using factors or prime factors.

5) Multiple Mix-Up: Students explore lists of multiples to determine which times table they come from. They start to identify which multiples will always occur together (for example, multiples of 9 will always also be multiples of 3).

6) LCM and GCF Practice: Finally, students work with all their knowledge to find lowest common multiples and greatest common factors.

Grades to Use With:

These pages are designed to be used with older students in middle and high school (grades 6-10). They could be a great review to ensure your students are ready for factoring polynomials, they could be easy sub plans to have on hand, or they could be a simple warm-up. These activities could also work well in high school special education classes.

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