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Create-A-Summer Vacation Narrative Writing Challenge

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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Getting kids to enjoy writing during the early elementary years is key. One way we can do that is to tie in their interests to the writing process.

Summer might be around the corner, or perhaps the kids in your life need some inspiration for writing during the summer months. By choosing activities, foods, trips, and goals for the summer, this activity will get them thinking (and avoid any comments about being bored)! Including the appropriate sequence of events, as well as a conflict is key.

Thinking about the way we think is a foundational skill for growing the executive functions our kiddos will use in the editing process. For this reason, a short checklist has been included at the end of page 4 so that learners can begin to go back and check their work. This key skill in developing healthy executive functioning is intentionally made visible to students to prompt ownership over the quality of their writing.

STANDARDS: Meets CCSS Writing standards for grades 2-5.

Don't forget to check out the Chef's Toolbox, Superhero's Toolbox, and Astronaut's Toolbox activities for more fun! These activities can be used with a whole class in addition to the writing challenge printable.

This printable is optimal for 2nd-5th graders who enjoy reading, watching, and dreaming about superheroes. By using the included matrix to choose the color scheme, superpower, and mission, they'll enjoy the freedom afforded them to create something they love.

BONUS: Take advantage of the 4 extension activity ideas included in this printable. These activities will take their writing beyond the page and bring it to life in STEAM-supported outlets.

What you'll get: a 4 page PDF including instructions, extension activity ideas, and 3 student pages. One of these pages is simply writing space for you to print off as many copies as you need based on the amount your students are writing. You'll also find the editing checklist to prompt students to edit their own work for spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

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