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Creative Writing: Film Review Hamlet with Mel Gibson

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Grade 8, 9, 10, 11



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About This Product

Creative Writing: Film Review Hamlet with Mel Gibson Learning Activity

This innovative educational tool is designed for grade 8 to grade 11 classrooms, honing in on enhancing creative writing and language arts skills.

Functionality of the Resource

The resource serves a dual purpose - it acts as an effective substitute teacher activity whilst offering simple grading for teachers. The viewing of 'Mel Gibson Goes Back to School' provides a concrete focal point, ideally filling a full 45 minute class session or part of block teaching.

The Importance of Prior Knowledge on Hamlet

Pupils who have a prior understanding of 'Hamlet' can better navigate this task. The film bridges classical literature and contemporary interpretation together by contextualizing the iconic play in relatable terms.

  1. Once the film has been viewed, students can work during this uninterrupted time span - an example of classroom efficiency rooted in synergistic principles.

  2. The areas highlighted guide learners through their reflective process after watching Mel Gibson's adaptation of Hamlet. Carefully worded instructions help direct focused composition and ensures coverage from various angles for rich density.

  3. This well-curated assignment encourages fruitful discussion but also reveals individual perspective building abilities around themes like character development seen throughout Shakespeare’s play as interpreted through modern media channels.

    Beyond Full Class Participation: Differentiation Avenues

    • Tailored implementation strategies can address individual learner needs. Teachers can utilize this resource within smaller groups to encourage concentrated interaction.

    • This could also be assigned as homework, allowing further introspection linked with student's self-paced schedules.


    Creative Writing: Film Review Hamlet with Mel Gibson as a resource proves itself to be a highly valuable source material. It is designed effectively to foster participative learning within structured pedagogical methods and emphasizes the diverse creative processes inherent in every student.

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