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Creative Writing Gr 2-3

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Grade 2, 3



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About This Product

Creative Writing Gr 2-3:

Creative Writing Gr 2-3 is an exceptional teaching resource that provides educators the ability to guide grade 2 and 3 students towards creating engaging prose and poetry. This tool is framed meticulously for young writers, allowing them to use their diverse experiences in their creative writing journey.


The core focus of this resource is language arts, specifically creative writing. The designs aim at harnessing each writer's unique background. The activities strive not only to enrich the student vocabulary but also encourage them to express themselves confidently.

Beyond Creative Writing:

This product goes beyond merely encouraging students for creative writing. It values shared ideas across curriculum domains while respecting each student's individuality. Further, it structures activities around crucial steps highlighted in - 'Guide to Writing Process'. From prewriting brainstorming exercises all through editing submissions, this product sensibly covers all.

  • Whole class interactions
  • Small group sessions
  • Homework challenges
A Touch of Perfection:

A quick proofreading checklist comes within this tool too! It guides young writers into becoming proficient self-editors who understand the importance of refinement and precision in written communication.

Holistic Evaluation:

This package concludes with a 'Holistic Writing Evaluation' form! This instrument allows tutors like you evaluate pupils on aspects such as their creativity & thought presentation skills—in addition to essential grammar uses or punctuation correctness!

All offered as an easily downloadable & printable PDF file—Creative Writing Gr2-3 bundle, indeed your one-stop-solution while introducing grade 2 & 3 pupils into the wonderful realm of creative writing!

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