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Critical Thinking: Memory Match - FLASH-MAC

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

The Critical Thinking: Memory Match - FLASH-MAC

The Critical Thinking: Memory Match - FLASH-MAC is an engaging and practical teaching resource that is designed to foster comprehension in students from the 5th to the 8th grades. It enhances language art strategies via a captivating memory match game, compatible with Mac systems.

Within this dynamic tool, there are six distinct pairs of critical thinking choruses tied in with their corresponding definitions. These topics are selected from common Critical Thinking lesson plans and aim at prompting students to bridge theoretical knowledge with real-life applications through interactive gameplay.

Versatility in Learning Settings

  • Educators can use it in different learning environments like whole group discussions or small group projects.
  • Teachers can guide students concurrently during the lessons, stimulating conversational learning while revealing paired critical thinking topics progressively.
  • This tool can be assigned as individual tasks for learners to tackle at their pace or even as homework assignments allowing for self-paced learning.

Critical Support for Homeschooling Champions

If you're homeschooling and seeking ways to simplify teaching complex subjects like Language Arts effectively – The Critical Thinking: Memory Match - FLASH-MAC proves an invaluable ally. Not only does it add a fun element but it also ingrains lessons deeply rooted within mainstream pedagogy, continually aiding young minds during these influential years.

A Vital Teaching Resource:

In conclusion; The Critical Thinking: Memory Match - FLASH-MAC goes beyond being just another teaching resource—it's effective yet enjoyable assistance during meaningful educational moments—cultivating strategic comprehension along with lasting memories among learners whilst fully immersing them into their studies.

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