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Curious George - Literature Kit Gr. 1-2

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Grade 1, 2



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About This Product

Curious George Literature Kit Gr. 1-2 Overview 

Aimed at first and second-grade teachers, the Curious George - Literature Kit Gr. 1-2 is an invaluable resource for Language Arts educators looking to inspire a deeper connection with literature. By delving into the world of George, a famously curious monkey, students are encouraged to engage their own curiosity about the world around them.


  • Students closely examine story details through intriguing activities, inferring motivations for 'the man in the yellow hat'
  • A fun rhyming exercise enhances phonetic awareness and vocabulary growth
  • To develop language skills further, learners identify adjectives used in Curious George and create new sentences using these descriptive words

Learning Opportunities & Curriculum Links

  1. Critical discussions around animal habitats and safety rules provide real-world context

    The 'My Feelings' graphic inspires emotional learning alongside comprehension lessons

Assessment Tools

Evaluation is streamlined with multiple-choice quizzes relating to book events while reinforcing student understanding of thematic concepts.

Tertiary Features for Enrichment Activities

s Fostering team cooperation during whole-group instruction or small group settings with crosswords puzzles and word searches.The teaching resource aligns with State Standards along Bloom's Taxonomy principles offering teacher simple plan strategies. [DOWNLOAD INCLUDED]b-file included available in PDF format accessible on many digital platforms bridging physical-virtual classrooms gap. The resource covers Curious George, a classic piece of literature, aiding an immersive reading journey. This kit transcends normal reading sessions into fun-packed exploration of language skills, comprehension and feelings thus solidifying its position as an essential tool in the arsenal for first and second-grade Language Arts teachers.

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