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Current Electricity - Whole Module Review Lesson

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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About This Product

Current Electricity - The Whole Module Review Lesson

This comprehensive teaching resource has been designed to cover the key topics in KS3 current electricity module. Suitable for students from grades 5 through 9, this package delves deep into subjects including physics and science. The lesson covers content on current, voltage, resistance, conductors, insulators as well as series and parallel circuits involving lamps and switches.

The teaching resource includes:
  • An interactive element for students with a smart board quiz crafted from question-answer PowerPoints.
  • Carefully timed questions that aid critical thinking while moving onto subsequent slides.
  • Included are fact sharing activity sheets along with sheets for recording answers that encourage group engagement and individual reflection.
  • An answer/mark scheme PowerPoint enabling peer or self-assessment before final submission helping identify strengths and areas of improvement.

A noteworthy component is the fact sheet, which provides a clear record of facts based on question numbers ensuring comprehensive understanding at learner's own pace.

Suggested one-page flow chart lesson plan:

This offers effective guidance simplifying educators' task planning lessons whether catering to small groups or large classrooms. It is conveniently applicable under all circumstances be it regular school sessions or home-schooling modules offering flexibility thus paving path towards effective learning environments where knowledge coupled fun encourages curiosity nurturing growth mindset amongst learners.

Note:For further detailed resources on electricity applicable particularly for middle school level learners or even higher ones— feel free check out 'Elf Off the Shelf Resources.' Keeps note of purchases made and leaving reviews assist in earning credits for future purchases ensuring beneficial investments perpetuating academic empowerment.

What's Included

1 zip file with:

Sheet for fact share activity

Fact Sheet

Smart Board Quiz - Question and answer PowerPoints

Two worksheets – differentiated.

Answer/mark scheme PowerPoint

Sheet for pupils to record quiz answers

Suggested lesson plan (one-page flow chart)

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Current Voltage Resistance Circuits Ohm's Law

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