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Curriculum Map for 2nd Grade - Washington

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Grade 2

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About This Product

Curriculum Map for 2nd Grade - Washington

An essential resource tailor-made for hardworking second-grade teachers teaching in Washington, providing a detailed overview of all core subjects: Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science. This curriculum map facilitates quick, easy lesson planning with standards alignment visible at a glance.

The product is offered as an editable Microsoft Excel file allowing you to adjust the content based on your class's pace or individual student's learning needs. This feature provides customization opportunities to adapt teaching methods according to students' grasp level.

  • Versatility: Useful across different learning structures - small groups, whole class instructions or as a guide for homework assignments. An excellent organizational tool useful not only in classrooms but also for homeschooling.
  • Tech-savvy: Can be effectively integrated with technology-based learning management systems catering to a tech-savvy generation of learners.
  • Pacing and Transparency: Assures that curriculum pacing is on track and provides academic expectations clarity for parents which can indirectly boost their ward’s performance due to their increased involvement.
  • Investment Worth Making: An investment in Curriculum Map is essentially an investment towards creating comprehensive tools managing complex tasks dealing with academic insights and practical pedagogy without compromising the growth journey of students. A truly indispensable asset!

This Curriculum Map ensures efficient planning throughout the academic year covering various subjects taught at this level following specific 2nd grade - Washington State standards making it a genuine time-saving tool while ensuring expansive standard coverage.

What's Included

1 editable Excel file

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