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Cut & Glue: Valentine's Day

An educational teaching resource from Better Teaching Resources entitled Cut & Glue: Valentine's Day downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Cut & Glue: Valentine's Day is a printable Valentine's Day-themed language arts activity for elementary students. This learning resource helps students practice recognizing words and matching them to pictures of popular Valentine's Day themes, including hearts, chocolates, roses, and greeting cards. Students will enhance their reading, comprehension, and fine motor skills as they carefully cut out each full color picture and glue it next to the corresponding word. Some of the vocabulary words included are "candy," "card," "chocolates," and more, helping expand holiday vocabulary. Teachers can use this as a center activity, partner game, or individual assessment. It's perfect for celebrating the holiday while building literacy skills. This resource includes fun clipart images that make learning about Valentine's Day engaging. Use during the February holidays or when studying this seasonal celebration.

What's Included

8 printable pages in PDF Format

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