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Cut Out And Write The Story Of The Three Wishes (6-9 years)

An educational teaching resource from Guinea Pig Education entitled Cut Out And Write The Story Of The Three Wishes (6-9 years) downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

"Cut Out And Write The Story Of The Three Wishes (6-9 years)" Teaching Resource

This resource is designed to promote creative writing among children, using the popular traditional tale 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' as an inspiration.

  • Presents effective, age-appropriate methods for inspiring story writing among 6-9-year-old children.
  • Illustrates clear storytelling structure with a definite beginning, middle and end.
  • Encourages character development, setting perspectives and plot creation in stories.

Resource Features:

The interactive task helps develop sequencing skills and comprehension. Children are encouraged to:

  1. Cut out pages along dotted lines
  2. Re-order them according to the narrative
  3. .

The students then are asked to author their own renditions of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff', reinforcing knowledge about literary structure while nurturing their creativity.

Fostering Advanced Thinking Abilities:
  • Inclusive of fun writing challenges that encourage students towards extending narratives or conceiving alternate endings.
  • Suitable ideally for Grade 2 - Grade 4 pupils across different teaching environments ranging from small group discussions to homework assignments.

Included Materials:

This product features eight informative PDF worksheet pages adorned with engaging silhouette images for enhanced learner engagement in lessons. Specifically geared towards augmenting communication skills during early school stages in preparation for more advanced literacy obstacles ahead.

What's Included

8 pages

Resource Tags

creative writing storytelling narrative structure interactive learning language arts folktale with three wishes

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