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Plan And Write Fairy Tales: Cinderella & Red Riding Hood (6-9 years)

Plan And Write Fairy Tales: Cinderella & Red Riding Hood (6-9 years)
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Grade 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Plan And Write Fairy Tales: Cinderella & Red Riding Hood

An educational tool designed specifically for children aged 6-9 years in grade 2, grade 3 and grade 4. It seeks to enhance learners' creative writing skills via the enchanting world of classic folktales.

Included In This Pack

This teaching resource includes two separate guides that motivate pupils to develop their own take on:

  • 'Cinderella'
  • 'Little Red Riding Hood'

The Purpose of Using Traditional Tales

Familiar tales like these serve as primers to dissect the main ingredients of a narrative - characters, setting and plot structure.

Learning Storytelling Structure Servicing The Plot

Tutor can employ this plan to demonstrate storytelling formula which features a beginning, middle, and an end.

Nurturing Creativity Through Assignments

The pack challenges pupils with unique tasks such as improvising the storyline or rearranging jumbled sections of the tale. The focus on brainstorming not only sparks up young imaginations but teaches them how to bring together various ideas into a coherent plan before transcribing their story.

A Look Inside The Packets

An added feature with silhouette illustrations complement each activity in a bundle spanning across 16 pages. Formatted in PDF, this kit also acts as stunning visual aid that fascinates kids during their learning journeys.

Versatile Usage of This Resource Pack

  1. Ideal for group language activities in classrooms.
  2. Suitable for individual homework revolving around building creative writing skills.
  3. Perfect as a whole group instruction on key elements, small group brainstorming sessions or individual writing exercises.

Final Note

This product proves efficient for traditional school settings and homeschooling parents in need of robust English Language Arts resources. It successfully intertwines education with creativity for both educational advantage and pleasure alike.

What's Included

16 pages

Resource Tags

Fairy talesCreative writingStorytellingNarrative structureEngaging visuals

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