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Cut, Sort, & Glue-Responsible or Not? An SEL Activity

Cut, Sort, & Glue-Responsible or Not? An SEL Activity
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Cut, Sort, & Glue- Responsible or Not? An SEL Activity

An interactive hands-on tool designed to foster a deep understanding of responsibility in bi-modal learning settings. This activity is optimized for students at the Kindergarten to Grade 2 level but adaptable for all early learners. A perfect complement for life skills lessons and special resources classes.

How It Works?

This educational resource focuses on discerning behaviors that are responsible from those that are not. The activity implies a cut, sort and glue approach encompassing images and descriptions of various possible behaviors:

  • The set includes eight distinctive images beneath a dotted line serving as visual aids,
  • These correspond with descriptions of varying behaviours,
  • Students categorize these actions by gluing each under either the “check” or “X” squares indicating responsible or irresponsible behavior respectively.

Distinguishing Features

This material stands out due to its flexibility for differentiated instruction and capacity to reinforce concepts taught previously about responsibility in both school and home environments — an indispensable addition to any teacher's arsenal.

Multifaceted Utilization & Benefits

This tool can be employed during whole group teaching, small-group sessions or even independent work periods such as homework assignments:

  1. Promotes active engagement whilst establishing cognitive understanding of ethical behavior,
  2. Serves primarily facilitates learners’ self-awareness on their personal responsibility and behaviour management,
  3. Laid in alignment with Social-emotional Learning (SEL) principles inculcating key skills like social awareness along with emotional intelligence recognised globally crucial skills enhancing a child’s overall development.

Developing Critical Thinking

You can use this resource to help young learners develop critical thinking skills by prompting them to objectively categorize different scenarios based on their moral values. An essential skill not just in the classroom, but also beyond its boundaries!


Encourage your students to explore the nuances of what it means to be responsible using the Cut & Sort - Responsible or Not? An SEL Activity! A simple yet effective method towards nurturing socially-responsible future leaders!

What's Included

A PDF handout.

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