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CVC Reading Book 15

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A phonic CVC Words Reading Book for young/SEN/ESL readers.

This is the last of 16 phonic reading books to support the blending of CVC words with a short vowel sound, suitable for those who just beginning to read with phonics.

Find the complete series here:

These first phonic readers are suitable for use with all phonic programmes.

These books focus exclusively on sounding out words and they only use the key sight (red/tricky) words a, is, the, of, which are introduced only gradually. These short words should be learned on a flashcard first, but are best put into context as soon as possible when children usually, quickly pick them up.

Pictures are deliberately minimal to encourage the child to gain meaning from the text and not to guess. All of the words are introduced and then met again in subsequent readers, to help develop confidence and fluency.

The book s begins with just a few words being introduced.

For example, this book CVC Reading Book 15 uses the words Jiff, off, mess, fuss, of. The whole scope and sequence is included in the pack for your reference.

Each book lists the sight word/s being used in that book at the beginning. There is also a short introduction to the book to be read by the teacher and discussed with the child. These introductions help to make up for the lack of words in the book and help parents and teachers to have a basis for discussion with the child, so aiding reading comprehension.

I have based the stories around loveable characters with whom the children quickly identify: farmer Tom with his animals, his wife, his son Sam and daughter, Pam, his dog, Jiff and the cat.

Due to the systematic, phonetic nature of these books, they are highly suitable for special needs children who have failed with other programmes.
Many parents have told me they wished they had found these books sooner, or had found them at all, as they would have been ideal for their struggling reader.

They have been thoroughly tested by my current pupils all of whom are boys. Even my nine-year old boy pupil loves them.

They can also be used with young EFL/ESL learners.

1 PDF file

  • 12 Pages

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  • Print as a booklet

What's Included

1 PDf File with 12 pages.

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