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Daily Discoveries for NOVEMBER: Thematic Learning Activities for EVERY DAY

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About This Product

Daily Discoveries for NOVEMBER: Thematic Learning Activities for EVERY DAY

This is an indispensable resource that imparts enjoyment and discovery in the everyday monotony of classrooms or homeschool routines. It's another gem from the popular Daily Discoveries series, providing thematic teaching activities to relish every day of November.

Packed with dates from National Sandwich Day to Mickey Mouse's Birthday, this resource incorporates joyous themed days. The versatility of these events allows them to dovetail flawlessly into diverse curriculum areas such as:

  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics & Science
  • Health
  • Music & Drama
  • Physical education
  • The Visual arts and more.

This is further augmented by suitable patterns aligned with each festive day making writing assignments or art projects more interactive. Teachers can expect a significant thrust in student engagement by including these intriguing themes into ordinary lessons. This format can be used effectively irrespective of whether it is a whole group or small focus group activity, and even as an intriguing take-home task.

Rundown on Features:

  1. A comprehensive collection spanning over 192 ready-to-print pages bundled as one uncomplicated PDF file,

  2. An inspiring blend of ingenious ideas along with practical solutions pagination has been kept at a minimal — functionality sans any confusion,

  3. Inclusion 'of suggested books' relating to various themes along with innovative bulletin board ideas — puts together your entire requirement!
- This teaching aid adheres to academic levels starting from Kindergarten up till Grade 5, ensuring its efficacy even when students ameliorate academically. Daily Discoveries align education more closely to daily life beyond schools by creating breaks in the mundane setup effectively, proving it to be more than just an add-on but a must-have tool for teachers exploring creative methods aimed at fostering energetic learning each day!

What's Included

1 PDF with 192 ready to print pages

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thematic learning learning activities

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