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Day and Night

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Earth Day


Grade 3



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About This Product

Day and Night - Grade 3 Earth's Rotation Resource

Day and Night is a comprehensive teaching resource for Grade 3 educators, focusing on the scientific principle of Earth's rotation. This insightful resource offers an introduction to how our planet's rotation in relation to the Sun, results in day and night.

Educational Value

  • This material bridges theoretical learning with real-world observations such as shadow comparisons.
  • Packaged as a PDF, this adaptable content can be implemented in various classroom or homeschool settings and blended within broader lesson plans.
  • Fits seamlessly into whole group lessons or smaller focus groups, even suitable for homework assignments.

Beyond Classroom Integration

The Day and Night product also serves excellent for annual science week events or Earth Day celebrations at schools- offering theoretical information coupled with analyzation-based exploration that encourages more than rote learning patterns.

Nurturing Curiosity & Understanding

Ideal for nurturing students innate curiosity about natural wonders like day and night, this scientifically accurate resource merges simplicity with depth. It provides learners today an understanding of astronomical truths encompassing specular phenomena caused by planetary interactions within our galaxy- standing as an essential educational asset while preparing them for tomorrow’s challenges whether we are looking to deliver lessons virtually due to Covid-19 restrictions or back in physical classrooms once normalcy resumes.

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