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December Door Set: Coffee and My Students' Cheer

An educational teaching resource from The Simplistic Teacher entitled December Door Set: Coffee and My Students' Cheer downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

December Door Set: Coffee and My Students' Cheer

A unique teaching resource, is designed to add a little extra festivity during the Holidays. This door decor kit provides an unexpected and captivating canvas for holiday-themed lessons or activities.

If you're enthusiastic about coffee or gratified by your students' cheer, this kit embodies these sentiments while nurturing a lively learning environment during the Holiday season.

This innovative utility transforms your door space into colorful displays of floating iced coffee cups, light strings, colored or black format texts, and optional confetti squares whilst retaining absolute readability.

  • The package consists of PNG files engineered for compatibility with cutting machines making assembly effortless.
  • The letters come in both black-and-white outlines offering customizable colors matching to your classroom’s aesthetics.

Versatility in Mind!

This December Door set fits the bill too! Use it as a bulletin board or backdrop for homeschooling/ distance learning settings thereby fostering student engagement.

Note: The sizable design lacks any poster option typically associated with resources but adds creative attraction to any classroom surface that needs a uplift!

A Festive Blend of Education Meets Art!

This blend has it all- regardless of grade level inciting intrigue within sheltered educational environments. With customizable components, its synergy between educator creativity and visually stimulated pedagogic commitment is apparent.

To nurture memorable ebullience during festive periods while fostering fruitful educational experience affords just one user license per individual user – bringing Yuletide spirit into classrooms.

In Conclusion,

This DIY decoration guarantees fruitful holiday lessons. So, why wait? Add an uplifting ambiance amid arduous learnings mileages with one door decor set at a time!

What's Included

If you're familiar with my other products, please note: These resources are larger in scale and therefore do not include the poster option

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