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Decimals | Academic Workbook

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Grade 5



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About This Product

Decimals | Academic Workbook

A comprehensive teaching resource, this 52-page workbook is loaded with a variety of exercises aimed at enhancing students' decimal-based learning. Suitably used as either a standalone teaching unit or a supplementary material, it provides educators with flexible options that can adapt to any learning situation.

Workbook Highlights

  • Includes multiple activities such as writing exercises, fill in the blank questions and multiple choice quizzes.
  • Covers essential aspects of decimals: reading and writing, comparing values, understanding numerical ranges etc.
  • Fosters efficient mental arithmetic habits by introducing alternative estimation strategies like front-end rounding with clustering.
  • Detailed sections for comparing numerals using symbols like less than (<), greater than (>), and equals (=).

Focused Learning Outcomes

This page-turner ensures step-by-step uncovering of several decimal concepts:

  1. Precise reading and writing decimals up through thousandths
  2. A strong knowledge base between decimals ranging from 0 to 1 up till hundredths
  3. The skillful addition and subtraction of decimal numbers, to recognize common calculation mistakes, to understand relationships between resulting fractions, percentages, or multiplied whole numbers by other decimals. enjoyable worksheets designed especially for the introduction Using symbols like (), ib (=) that are useful for comparison. Organizing times correctly or height measurements How to compare equivalent decimal precision makes an exceptionally clear guide. The detailed part introduces different estimates safely For example the front-end circular kernel contrast strategy Included are comprehensive sheets that contain only one or two topics in question This is perfect for quick reviews or random output tickets like small checks! The Decimals | Academic Workbook is completely printable, a single PDF file designed specifically for Grade 5 Math. The curriculum centered around 'decimals'. The lessons included aren't just pivotal milestones in a student's maths progression but also give teachers the resources to simplify complicated concepts into manageable sessions.

What's Included

1 PDF with 52 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

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