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Describing My Feelings Worksheet Set

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Identifying and verbalizing emotions is essential yet challenging for young children’s healthy development. This set of 20 illustrated printable worksheets helps students advance self-awareness by examining common feelings in depth one by one. With 2 different versions of the worksheet featuring both boys and girls, children investigate their own experiences feeling various emotions.

The wide-ranging worksheet set covers feelings like happiness, sadness, worry, anger, frustration, annoyance, fear, embarrassment, excitement and disappointment. Each page displays a child’s blank face ready to be drawn by students showing that feeling visually. They then respond to prompts describing a time they felt that way, associated thoughts they remember, and any physical reactions in their body.

Analyzing the internal and external aspects of varied emotions builds children’s “feelings vocabulary” exponentially. Writing personal examples cements comprehension further, allowing kids to relate back to their own illustrations later as reminders. Sorting pages by intensity levels (high/medium/low energy emotions) teaches activation regulation skills too.

With 10 diverse feelings covered, these interactive worksheets expansively grow children’s emotional intelligence. Kids become experts decoding their own ever-changing inner world while building empathy for what classmates experience too.

This resource includes 20 worksheets showing 10 different emotions - 10 worksheets with boy faces on and 10 with girl faces.

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