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Understanding emotions is a pivotal social-emotional skill for children to develop. This set of four worksheets helps students identify and process their feelings in a structured, reflective way. With 4 different worksheets for happy, sad, angry, and worried, children can build their emotional intelligence through self-expression.

Each sheet features a basic layout with a single feeling word at the top and then spaces to reflect on a time that they felt that emotion, how it felt to feel that emotion, how it affected their behavior and what coping strategies they used. They’ll learn to label complex feelings, analyze responses, and find healthy outlets.

These worksheets facilitate personal breakthroughs around emotions. Teachers can incorporate them into social-emotional check-ins during morning work. Counselors may have students complete them individually or in groups to spur discussions. Parents can try them at home to nurture more meaningful conversations.

No matter the environment, the flexible format makes reflecting on emotions approachable and rewarding for kids. Instead of acting out, children feel heard and cared for. The sheets become personalized journals charting self-awareness and growth over time.

This simple yet versatile toolkit turns emotional learning into routine. Suitable for young students through teens, it provides a constructive framework for navigating life’s ups and downs.

Included in this resource is 4 pages of pdf

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