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Design A Pair Of Space Age Trainers (9-13 years)

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Grade 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

Design A Pair Of Space Age Trainers (9-13 years)

A dynamic teaching resource specifically crafted to stimulate young learners' minds. Aimed at those between 9 to 13 years old, it incorporates aspects of language arts and writing into a captivating space-age theme.

This teaching resource encourages students to examine everyday school products considering their durability, design, and value for money. Applying sci-fi imagination in analyzing mundane items helps in enhancing perspective-shifting skills essential for creative thinking.

  1. Students are guided on an exciting voyage - the process of designing their own pair of futuristic trainers.
  2. Their task is not complete until they have described these trainers elaborately in a written article meant for a hypothetical school magazine which fosters creativity.

An effective tool in cultivating creative writing skills among children, this resource fits into different learning environments including whole class participation or small group collaborations during class hours or even as homework assignments.

Main Features:
  • The inclusion of outlines helps children structure their narratives thereby shaping skilled writers with improved organizing abilities.
  • Hospitable towards more able pupils’ lingual prowess through challenging vocabulary examples included within these worksheets offering higher levels of challenge.
  • The components include four understandable worksheets offered through PDF format making them accessible across multiple electronic devices promoting both traditional classroom learning as well as digital remote classrooms effectively.
Created mainly for Grade 4-6 cohorts following Language Arts & Writing curriculum ensuring its relevance enhances productive outcomes when utilized appropriately maximising every learner's journey towards imaginative elevation perfectly envisioned via Design A Pair Of Space Age Trainers (9-13 years).

What's Included

4 pages

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Creative thinking Writing skills Interactive learning Science fiction Design

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