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The Space Age Bag: Write A Review (9-13 years)

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Grade 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

The Space Age Bag: Write A Review (9-13 years)

This is a comprehensive teaching resource developed specifically to promote the evolution of creative writing skills in children aged 9-12 years. The design of this worksheet pack encourages students to think critically about contrasting perspectives, develop their personal viewpoints, and then express them effectively.

The resource guides students to analyze two distinct opinions about an innovative product - The Space Age Bag. Answering related questions and studying examples strengthens their understanding. Taking these as building blocks, they are asked to render their thoughts creatively into a review for 'The Space Age Bag', suitable for inclusion in a magazine article.

Flexible integration into lesson plans

This robust activity can be flexibly implemented either in whole class instruction or adapted for individual and small group settings. It can fit effortlessly within regular lessons or serve as engaging homework.

Tailor-made for advanced learners

  • This resource accommodates an integrated framework that guides how a story plan could be outlined - from article drafting through play script development.
  • Included examples introduce more challenging vocabulary that aids learners in tackling complicated language exercises.
  • This unique functionality does not just foster language arts mastery but provides budding minds with the space to think creatively beyond conventional boundaries.

Technical Details:

Format: PDF file
Pages: Nine
Suitable For: Grade 4 through Grade 6 students
Subjects Focussed: Language Arts (Primary), Writing (Secondary)

The team has paid particular attention in designing tasks that ensure growth of children's linguistic abilities. The ample practice aims at encouraging articulate self-expression and fostering critical thinking skills - essential aspects that lay the foundation of their education during these significant years.

What's Included

9 pages

Resource Tags

creative writing critical thinking perspectives review language skills

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