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Destrezas de salud e higiene de la vida diaria: Uso de medicamentos recetados y no recetados Gr. 6-12

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About This Product

Destrezas de salud e higiene de la vida diaria: Uso de medicamentos recetados y no recetados Gr. 6-12

This resource aims at inculcating vital health and hygiene skills in students from grade 6 to grade 12, focusing particularly on the topic of prescription and non-prescription medication use.

Risks and Personal Safety

The facet of this lesson plan emphasizes understanding the risks involved with the misuse of prescribed and over-the-counter medications. The importance of personal safety within communities as well as during travel is stressed upon.

Wholesome Living

The resource extends its coverage to larger health aspects including:

  • Healthy Nutrition & Meal Planning
  • Consistent physical exercise routines for well-being
  • Personal grooming habits
  • Dental care practices

Interactive Components

Included in this lesson are various interactive elements such as:

  1. Reading Passages
  2. Crosswords & Word Searches jigsaw puzzles
  3. \ Note: This includes graphics organizers for better understanding.Real-world activities designed to engage students while making education simple .
    This is a highly reproducible content, allowing teachers unlimited access to repeat lessons until concepts are embedded clearly. -And-
    The carefully chosen vocabulary ensures comprehension among learners irrespective of their learning pace. The inclusion of knowledge-testing quizzes encourages active participation from students while raising their interest levels.

    The creator complies with State Standards and follows Bloom's Taxonomy, making this tool beneficial for implementing engaging teaching techniques.


    This plan is adaptable to diverse teaching environments. It can be implemented in whole-group classroom sessions or small-group study circles depending on crowd control needs. This program even serves as a suitable homework assignment, catering effectively to the World Language-Spanish curriculum objectives while reaching out to the student community.

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