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Destrezas Prácticas Para la Vida - Empleo y Voluntariado Gr. 9-12+

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product


Destrezas Prácticas Para la Vida - Empleo y Voluntariado Gr. 9-12+ is a teaching resource specially designed to empower students with the necessary skills to excel in the job market. It presents comprehensive methods and practical tips on completing job applications, crafting resumes, preparing for interviews and understanding employment rights.

This resource doesn't merely target helping students land a job; it also imparts practical knowledge for excelling in work situations. It provides training on effective communication skills that can enhance their performance at work and improve their relationships with their colleagues and supervisors. Furthermore, it unveils the potential benefits of volunteering – an act that can shape character while paving way for other opportunities.

Content Features

  • An array of instructional reading passages,
  • Aesthetically designed graphic organizers aimed at aiding comprehension,
  • Real-world application scenarios allowing students to utilize learnt skills practically,
  • Crossword puzzles & word search tasks adding an interactive element.

All these elements have been strategically developed while keeping diverse learning styles into account.

Evaluative Comprehension Tests

Included within this program are comprehension tests which serve dual purposes: they assess how much information has been absorbed by students but also help impart concepts more firmly in their minds.

Pedagogical Approach

The content follows Bloom's Taxonomy ensuring complexity levels are appropriate for Grade 9-12+ level Spanish language classes aligning effectively with learning objectives.

Standards Recognition

This material was created fully cognizant of 'State Standards'. This ensures its relevance is updated aligning well with school curricula being taught in multiple states.
Package Include

This teaching tool kit comes as a PDF file containing reproducible content hence amplifying the ways educators may choose to use it – be it group tasks during full-class interaction or individual homework given separately post a teaching session.

So teachers, here's all you need to prepare your students for employment and work success with Destrezas Prácticas Para la Vida - Empleo y Voluntariado Gr. 9-12+. Equip them with these practical life skills today.

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