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Dice Game - Regular French -IR Verbs - Present Tense - Jeu de Dés

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About This Product

Dice Game - Regular French -IR Verbs - Present Tense

The Dice Game - Regular French -IR Verbs is an exceptional tool for teaching regular French IR verbs in the present tense. It simplifies this complex subject into a fun dice game that keeps students engaged whilst increasing their understanding of these verbs.

Multiple versions of the game to challenge students at different levels

  • There are six different versions, each with its own answers.
  • 30 minute game with no need for preparation – simply print and go!

Versatile usage for classrooms and homework assignments

  1. The resource is suitable both for whole class instruction and small group activities.
  2. Included is a student response sheet and scoring outline perfect as a grading tool or self-assessment homework assignment.
"Not just a tool, it transforms students into leaders."

The Dice Game encourages discussions on verb usage within groups, facilitates peer correction of conjugations, and promotes understanding how grammar works— making learning interactive!

Mastery through enjoyable practice

Dice Game - Regular French -IR Verbs- helps in mastering 36 regular french IR verbs effectively in the present tense through hands-on enjoyable practice rather than routine lectures. With comprehensive instructions provided, it becomes an educator’s personal favorite due to its ability to adapt smoothly according to teaching strategies while enhancing student engagement remarkably.

What's Included

3 PDFs.

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French verbs Present tense Regular IR verbs Conjugation practice Dice game ir conjugations french

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