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Digital Math for 1.NBT.1 - Counting Sequence (Slides + Self-Grading Quiz)

Digital Math for 1.NBT.1 - Counting Sequence (Slides + Self-Grading Quiz)
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About This Product

Digital Math for 1.NBT.1 - Counting Sequence (Slides + Self-Grading Quiz)

This interactive package combines dynamic learning with digital convenience for teaching the mathematical concept of counting sequences.

  • Interactive Learning: Students can manipulate images through drag-and-drop activities, bridging the gap between abstract mathematical concepts and perceptible reality. Allows versatility in teaching settings: whole group or small groups, and individual homework assignments.
  • Digital Convenience: Resource files are available in PowerPoint and Google Slides format, with instructions included on how to assign either file-types according to whole files or selected slides only depending on their needs per session.

Added Feature: Self-Grading Quiz

The package includes a self-grading Google Forms quiz for gauging students’ understanding and progress after interacting with the slides. It collects real-time data effortlessly—making assessment easier and more efficient for teachers.

No-Prep and Paperless

The resource is ready-to-use (no-preparation), helping decrease paper clutter—a perfect fit in our growing trend towards digital education—the less paperwork equals more efficiency principle applied.

Covers NBT Part 1 Standard: The product's focus on Number And Operations In Base Ten (NBT) part 1 standard makes it an essential tool within first-grade mathematics curriculum. Overview:
    Key Features include:
  1. A formative assessment via a self-grading quiz
  2. Cross-platform accessible: PowerPoint & Google Slides formats provided
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  4. Versatile use catering different learning environments(from group classes down onto individual assignments)
  5. a
  6. An engaging focus on 1st grade essential math topic: number sequences (NBT.1)
  7. Easy-to-follow instructions for seamless implementation
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The resource is designed to make mathematical learning experiential and fun while integrating technology into education seamlessly.

What's Included

Included in this Resource:

Both PowerPoint and Google Slides

20 interactive student slides

A corresponding, self-grading quiz on Google Forms

This resource can be used as a distance learning assignment, in small group instruction, or as a center.

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