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Digital Paper: Color Foil Textures

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Product Name: Digital Paper: Color Foil Textures

Designed with educators in mind, the Digital Paper: Color Foil Textures provides a dynamic resource for a multitude of classroom and homeschool activities. Whether you're sprucing up your class material or bringing creativity to craft projects, these digital papers will surely add color and texture to your work.

  • This online pack contains 24 unique digital papers, each measuring at a standard size of 12" x 12". The files come in an easily accessible Jpeg format organized neatly within a Zip folder.

  • Ranging from vibrant hues such as blue, yellow, red, pink, green, orange to more subdued tones like black, gray and brown - you can find the perfect color palette that fits your needs. You'll appreciate the foil textures on each paper which adds depth and visual interest.

  • Versatility meets convenience! Ideal for scrapbooking experiences or events with your students promotes their story-telling capabilities. Teachers may also use them as a go-to resource designed for hands-on educators!

  • An amazing tool catering various teacher resources with subcategories that dwell into Classroom Decor ensuring customized learning spaces made spectacularly creative by these dazzling graphics! Experience how attractive visuals transform customary tasks into engaging educational experiences today!

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