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Digital Paper: Crayon Rubbing Textures

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About This Product

Digital Paper: Crayon Rubbing Textures

This educational aid is aimed at educators such as public school teachers and homeschoolers always searching for innovative and functional classroom materials.


Our Digital Paper Pack contains a total of 24 files, each measuring 12” x 12”. These resources are stored as JPEG images in a Zip Folder for easy access. Each of these digital papers depicts textures reminiscent of crayon rubbings.

Possible Uses:

  • Add a layer of interest to classroom activities,

  • Create custom printables,

  • Crafting projects backdrop,

  • Incorporate in scrapbooking projects.

Beyond standard usage, these resources can be transformed into party decorations when needed!


The graphics included are not bound to any specific grade levels; their usage can be adapted depending on your unique learning environment need. Open up possibilities for more engaging lessons while surrounding students with cheerful patterns by incorporating this pack in your teaching toolkit!

Please remember, using such vividly engaging materials can stimulate a child’s mind and creativity- proving beneficial in developing learning skills or simply fostering joy during lesson time. Come visit my store here and explore more of these fascinating Digital Papers! For all holidays or crafty projects, you will find the right digital paper!

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