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Digital Paper: Floral Vines

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About This Product

Digital Paper: Floral Vines

This is a diverse collection of 24 digital papers each featuring a unique, floral vine design. They are provided in JPEG format and organized into a zip folder for easy access.

The patterns are not only aesthetically pleasing but also serve as effective teaching tools. The multi-colored designs can be used for color recognition activities with younger learners or as part of design projects for older students.

Each paper measures 12" x 12"; this generous sizing lends itself well to creative and craft activities.

Versatility Beyond Classrooms

In addition to its educational uses, these digital papers can also be embraced in hobby pursuits like scrapbooking or card making.

Note: The Digital Paper: Floral Vines pack is applicable across different levels of education—it aids artistic expression while being functional across varying educational profiles including homeschooling parents creating custom resources and public school teachers looking for engaging materials for their students’ projects.

The Ultimate Digital Paper Bundle

If you're looking for even more variety, check out the ‘Ultimate Digital Paper Bundle’. It offers all digital paper collections from OldMarket at one advantageous price range.

This Digital Paper: Floral Vines is ready to print and use for any of your projects!

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