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Digital Paper: Glitter Marble

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About This Product

Digital Paper: Glitter Marble

Introducing an expansive pack of engaging and versatile digital paper textures, notably the "Digital Paper: Glitter Marble". Specifically customized for educators, this collection is composed of:

  • 16 individual papers

  • Each with a unique glitter marble design

  • Inclusive vibrant range of colors: blue, yellow, red, pink, green, orange and black

Apart from offering style these hues can also help in identifying separate groups or tasks within the classroom. The standard size for every sheet is 12" x 12", offered in JPEG format.

Versatility Across Different Educational Levels And Subjects:
Teachers from primary to secondary school level will find this digital paper valuable for several activities ranging across subjects such as:

  • Arts - Using the rainbow ombre colors that students would love

  • Geography- With green or brown papers adding interesting aesthetics while making planet Earth,

In addition to teaching aids these are ideal as classroom decorations; great additions to bulletin boards.

Beyond Classroom Use:
Their suitability extends towards scrapbooking endeavors ensuring that every vibrant creation by your student has a beautiful backdrop. Also if you're prepping cards or other crafts (such as party printables), these diverse backgrounds are handy additions.

To summarize‚ 'Digital Paper: Glitter Marble' is not just about classy textures; it’s primarily a tool crafted with teachers in mind making everyday lesson plans visually attractive while fueling imagination among students!

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