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Digital Paper: Kraft Paper

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About This Product

Kraft Digital Paper: Versatility & Practicality at It's Best

The Kraft Digital Paper is more than just a teaching resource. Consisting of 24 individual papers, each tailored with careful attention to both aesthetic and functionality. This product is available in two different sizes: the compact 8.5" x 11" size for everyday classroom activities, and the larger 12" x12", fit for grander projects.

Packaged as JPEGs all housed within one zip folder; these digital papers are user-friendly, versatile across various devices and perfect for innovative classroom activities ranging from interactive assignments to creative crafts, or even making special occasion cards.

  • Ideal for party printables

  • Suitable for scrapbooking pursuits

  • Note-worthy factor: Both personal use and commercial use of these papers are permitted without requiring any additional licensing. However, if you wish to give credit back to our store – we really appreciate it!

This unique toolbox boasts varied styles including craft paper textures and vintage designs – guaranteed there will be something that garners everyone's interests. For those who want an optimal collection - consider 'The Ultimate Digital Paper Bundle' – which consolidates all our specialty digital papers into one cost-effective package!

This Kraft series isn't bound by specific grade-level or subject-specific constraints:
Its versatility extends its usability across an array of disciplines.

Available under Graphics type resources specially designed keeping teachers' needs in mind-

The underlying brown kraft texture adds a tactile flavour that injects rustic charm; setting it apart from traditional white paper backgrounds commonly found.

Redefine your standard classroom experience with the power of innovation paired with tradition - via Kraft Digital Papers!

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