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Divide 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers with & without remainders

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Grade 3, 4



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About This Product

These no frills sets of Worksheets provide an almost unlimited number of practice questions dividing a 2-digit whole number by a single digit whole number. 

All the questions are laid out in the standard long division format so pupils become familiar with this presentation for when they meet large multi-digit divisions later on.    

Worksheet Set 1:  Division of 2 digit numbers without remainders

You can choose to focus a whole page on one divisor from 2 to 9

Worksheet Set 2: Division of 2 digit numbers with remainders

As with the first worksheet  questions  you choose a page of questions with one divisor from 2 to 9

Worksheet Set 3: Division of 2 digit numbers MIX

Now there is a mix of divisors from 2 to 9 on one page.

One set of questions has no remainders, the other has remainders.

These worksheet sets are organized in such a way that you can plan a progression of work based upon the needs of individual (or groups of your) pupils.

So for example starting with Worksheet Set 1, you can focus on a specific divisor where a pupil needs to build their strength. At the same time of course they are working on their multiplication skills. 

Having built their confidence across as many divisors as possible, they can then move onto Worksheet Set 2 to work on division with remainders, adding an extra step to the process, which again is good preparation for longer multi-digit division where there is a 'carry over' to think about.

Worksheet Set 3 with a mix of divisors could be used in two ways. One way would be as an assessment before starting Set 1 or 2 so you can see which divisors your pupils need to practice on. The other potential use is as a regular piece of homework or lesson filler to use throughout the year so the skills learnt are kept alive.

How many worksheets are in each set ?

Virtually unlimited. At the click of a button all numbers are randomised, so the questions change every time so you can create as many new worksheets you need. If a pupil needs lots of practice dividing by 9  ...... just click the button and you have a new page. There will of course be a lot more variety with the worksheets with a remainder.

As these worksheets  need little explanation, they are ideal if you need to leave work for a replacement teacher.

Answers can be found on the second page of every worksheet, automatically generated when you create a new worksheet.

These resources are PDF documents and work with the official  Adobe Acrobat Reader on Windows or Mac computers with the randomising buttons also working via a touchscreen (PC or Mac)or on an Interactive Whiteboard.

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