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Dividing Decimals - Problem Tickets

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Grade 4, 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

Dividing Decimals - Problem Tickets: A Comprehensive Teaching Tool

Here is a tool designed to master decimal division problems with the help of Montessori pedagogy. It features a distinct blue border signifying the operation of division. The following are some of the highlights of this tool:

  • This resource consists of six sets, each one offering a different degree of problem complexity.
  • The first set begins with basic whole number divisions (problems #1-12), progressing further to include mixed numbers and decimal fractions (problems #49-72).
Pedagogical Consideration

The arrangement allows for linear learning where each new step furthers on from the previous lessons while maintaining personal engagement due to its variation.

Inclusion: Answer Key & Recording Sheet
  • Included for easy and accurate solution checking, an answer key can be quite handy! Cases involving repeating decimals are identified distinctly encouraging complete grasp over mathematical concepts.
  • A recording sheet has also been provided for students to document workings which insists upon their responsibility towards self-improvement and organizational skills enhancement.
Flexibility in Usage

You have options! The tickets can either be distributed post instruction by individual teachers or you could place it in a basket as an option during free-choice activities—catering both structure and autonomy simultaneously within learners!

Versatility in Appearance
While intact full sheets lend structural visibility, individual pieces provide an element reminding children about responsibility towards completion.

This product is part of our offerings which focus on similar goals – Bundle: Decimal Problem Tickets / Cards: Adding/Subtracting/Multiplying/Dividing along with Fraction/Decimal/Percent Card Sort offering varied instructional methods regarding decimals and more mathematical concepts. Relevant Details:
  1. Grade level: Ideal for students in grades 4 - 7
  2. Subject Areas: Math drills, with a focus on Decimal and Fraction concepts
  3. Type of Resource: Developed for engaging Activities
  4. Digital File Format: PDF format only
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