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Dividing Fractions - Problem Tickets

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Grade 4, 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

Dividing Fractions - Problem Tickets

Dividing Fractions - Problem Tickets is a resource designed to assist educators in providing effective follow-up practice after giving lessons on dividing fractions. Developed for students in Grades 4 through 7, it deals with the essential math topic of decimals and fractions.

This teaching resource adopts the Montessori approach, symbolized by the blue border around each problem ticket. It features diversified tasks such as :

  • Dividing a fraction by a whole number
  • A whole number by a fraction
  • Mixed numbers with each other
  • And much more.

The set includes up to 36 differentiated problem tickets for real-time practice. The skill levels targeted are :

  1. Beginners: Problems #1-6
  2. Slightly advanced: Problems #7-10
  3. (followed by),
  4. Intermediate: Problems #11-21
  5. , and,
    (Bonus Stage)*,

    (*Advanced-level problems:) Problems #22-36.

    Inclusion of Answer key & Recording Sheet:

      An answer key is included for independent verification -- empowering learners while reinforcing knowledge comprehension.
    • The package also includes an easy-to-use recording sheet that encourages neat work presentations."."
    Tips for Resource Utilization:
    • Print the resources on durable material or laminate them for longevity.
    • Lightweight and portable, these tickets can be used as homework assignments or in-class group activities.
    • Easily cut into individual units and store in baskets for makeshift math activity corners around the classroom.

    This highly adaptable teaching assistant (PDF format) is an ideal aide for any grade school teacher or homeschooling parent. They can spend less time on prep work and more time assisting students with complex concepts like divisions involving fractions.'.'


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