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Dolch Sight Word Cards - Level 1

Dolch Sight Word Cards - Level 1
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About This Product

This is a set of Dolch Sight Words Cards, Level 1.

What You Get:

This is a 3-page printable with a total of 41 word cards and a "Level 1" cover card.

Use these sight word cards as practice or review for your students reading at a primer level.


1. Print, laminate, and cut the cards out. Note: These cards do have colored borders, so if you prefer black and white, please make adjustments in your printer settings.

2. If desired, punch a hole in the corner of each card and place on a ring clip.

Memory Game

Another way to use the cards is to print two sets of the cards to create a memory game.

1. Have students sort two sets of the cards in even rows, turned over so no words are showing.

2. Each child takes a turn turning over two cards. When two of the same sight word cards are turned over, the child reads the word and keeps the pair. The child who found a pair keeps playing until no pair is found. When no pair is found, turn both cards back over and the other child takes a turn.

3. Continue until all matches have been found.

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