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Dominoes Printable Board Game (Editable Google Slides)

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About This Product

Dominoes Printable Board Game (Editable Google Slides)

Shaping the world of educational tools, we present a notable teaching resource - the Dominoes Printable Board Game. This trailblazing tool provides educators with opportunities to diversify their teaching approaches and foster engaging learning sessions.

This resource functions as an ideal indoor activity gear during unfavorable outdoor weather scenarios. Beyond being a mere replacement for outdoor fun, our tool promotes cognitive skills while also offering joy associated with classic Dominoes game.

Player Eligibility: - Suitable for 2-4 students - Perfect for both small group activities and whole-class interactions


The game is operated by finding matching cards. If no match is found, participants draw from the deck - adding an exciting element of suspense that keeps players invested till the end.

Pack Contents:

  • A comprehensive rules page
  • Dice-style graphics version of printable dominoes
  • Emoji graphics version of printable dominoes
Custamizable & Edible Resource
Teachers can directly print or customize it according to their preferences using Google Slide settings. Grades Application:Diverse! This versatile tool fits well into different classroom dynamics across varied grade levels. The board game promotes learning outside classroom boundaries and at its heart fosters social skills among kids. Tech-Friendly Version Included:Leveraging modern tech advancements in mainstream education methods - each product comes in a printable PDF format along with its editable online Google Slide version.(Laminated prints recommended for extended durability). In conclusion, this exceptional board game provides entertainment while maximizing learning opportunities – making it both a platform for playful interaction and invaluable educational aid.

What's Included

Dominoes board game

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