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Double Entry Information Mats/Boards | premath data practice| MONSTER

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About This Product

Double Entry Information Mats for Developing Cognitive and Perceptual Skills This monster-themed resource is a collection of double entry boards with fun illustrations to help students develop visual perception, reasoning, and data management abilities. Teachers can choose between blank spots or spots with spacecrafts, UFOs, ghosts, dinosaurs, monsters, robots, or submarines based on students' interests. Use these versatile data boards to have students color, circle, tick, or X the correct images following oral, written, or pictorial instructions. Students can also place manipulatives on spots or make match-to-sample boards combined with crafts. With varying difficulty levels using numbers, shapes, and colors, these boards are great for occupational therapy, speech therapy, special education, kindergarten, and early math. For more math and reasoning materials using a pictorial approach, see Words Aside.

What's Included

30 - page PDF with black and white monster illustrations to practice visual data management in a fun way .

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premath occupational therapy data boards mats numbers shapes speech therapy visual perception words aside

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