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Earth Day & Arbor Day | Math + Reading Activity Pack

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Arbor Day


Grade 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Earth Day & Arbor Day | Math + Reading Activity Pack

The Earth Day & Arbor Day | Math + Reading Activity Pack offers an informative and entertaining resource for students in grades 2 to 5. The activities cover a range of subjects including reading, vocabulary, math trivia, and more - all framed within the context of Earth Day and Arbor Day.

  • A wide selection: this comprehensive package includes a variety of worksheets that combine reading comprehension with math problems related to these environmentally-themed holidays.
  • Promotes discussion: The topics lend themselves to thoughtful discussions about environmental issues such as composting on Earth day or tree conservation on Arbor day.
  • Included answer keys: For ease of use, the pack comes complete with answer key providing solutions for every task included within the activity loops making grading easy for educators.

This educational resource is safety printed in a ready-to-use format (single PDF spanning eleven pages) and hence suited perfectly for both onsite teaching as well as remote learning environments. Just download, print – you're good to go!

Versatile Applications

The flexibility of this pack allows it to be adapted into various instructional settings; from group activities conducted in class to individual tasks assigned as homework. Moreover, its adaptability means assignments can either be spread out across multiple days leading up to Earth & Arbor days respectively or condensed into intensive single-day sessions fully dedicated towards promoting environmental awareness among students.

In conclusion: 'Earth Day & Arbor Day | Math + Reading Activity Pack' is an engaging teaching tool stimulating critical thinking while increasing students’ understanding and sense of duty towards our environment during these holidays.

What's Included

1 PDF with 11 ready to print pages

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Earth Day Arbor Day Math Reading Comprehension Environmental Awareness

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