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Easter Number Seek and Find Mats with Easter Eggs

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About This Product

Easter Number Seek and Find Mats with Easter Eggs

This is an engaging teaching resource tailored for preschool and kindergarten children. It comprises hands-on number recognition activities designed around the theme of Easter eggs which make math centers both educational and exciting.

The product can be used in various classroom environments, accommodating different learning methods.

  • Create a vibrant math center: Stash the mats and cards in an accessible spot within learners' reach.
  • Write-and-Wipe Activities: Use dry erase markers on laminated mats or mats inside page protectors for repeat use.
  • Sensory Bins & Write-the-Room Activity: Hide these letter cards in sensory bins or around the learning space for students to discover and trace on their mats.

The resource effectively combines practical skills with playful forms: seamlessly integrates number recognition (1-20) with handwriting exercises, keeping interest levels high among students.

The Package Includes:

  • A mat each for number ranges:
    1. 0-5,
    2. 0-10, &
    3. till 0-20.
  • Cards numbers from zero through twenty corresponding to the mentioned ranges: These are essentially no-prep; print them out as needed without fuss over setup time. Prepping these low-prep numbered letter cards is straightforward – print-cut-laminate!

    Easter-themed seek-and-find number mats bridge practicality and enjoyment – ensuring students relish Math time while improving their early numeric skills in a truly delightful manner.

What's Included

This product contains a PDF with the following

1 number mat for 0-5

1 number mat for 0-10

1 number mat for 0-20

number cards 0-20

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Easter Number Recognition Hands-on Activities Math Centers Easter Eggs

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