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Economy & Globalization: Outsourcing Gr. 5-8

Economy & Globalization: Outsourcing Gr. 5-8
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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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Economy & Globalization: Outsourcing Gr. 5-8

This comprehensive teaching resource explores the global economy and the profound effect of outsourcing. Designed for grade levels 5 to 8, it is aligned with State Standards, presenting economic concepts in an engaging manner.

Chapter Slice: Outsourcing Gr. 5-8

A section from the full lesson plan 'Economy & Globalization', focusing on how countries' unique competencies contribute to a well-functioning global world.

Coverage Timeline
  • An overview of currency's evolution - from barter systems to modern day solutions.
  • In-depth look at historic periods like The Great Depression through act-out scenes.
'Design Your Multinational Company': Here, students come up with their business plans while understanding real-world economics scenarios through various case studies. Global Debates: Students participate in lively discussions about whether economic globalization has done more harm than good across societies worldwide. Currency Exchange Simulation: Hands-on experience handling world currencies at current exchange rates resembling an international airport setting.

All references adhere strictly to Bloom's Taxonomy that touches on knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis synthesis, and evaluation aspects."


  • In addition there are bonus hands-on activities provided along with fun elements like crossword puzzles and word searches for reinforcement.
  • The PDF format guarantees convenience of use across various teaching contexts - whole group lessons or individual homework assignments.
    • Suitable For:

      This resource is ideal for Social Studies courses focusing on Economics. Learners can unlock their understanding of the interconnected world of global economics with Economy & Globalization: Outsourcing Gr. 5-8.

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