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EDITABLE Digital Visual Schedules with Tokens - Pets

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About This Product

EDITABLE Digital Visual Schedules with Tokens - Pets

This is a highly versatile, interactive teaching resource designed especially for educators handling speech therapy sessions. This tool functions as a blend of visual schedule and token board and facilitates structure and predictability in educational settings.

About the targeted users:
  • Specially crafted for those working with preschoolers to second grade students.
  • Ideal for students needing positive reinforcement and task redirection.

This resource is flexible enough to be used in both whole group settings as well as smaller groups or one-on-one sessions. It accentuates classroom management by visually reinforcing the routine activities thus keeping the focus on learning objectives effectively.

Editability: A Standout Feature

The editable feature allows you to personalize your toolkit according to your needs. Inserting pictures into clickable image boxes, typing labels within fillable boxes, or selecting from availble clickable rewards are some of the options offered by its design. The appealing pet-themed design elements may additionally serve to captivate a student's interest.


A simple navigation system is integrated into this tool making navigating content exceptionally easy; an intuitively designed aid towards ensuring seamless flow of lessons.

Included Content:

This PDF type file contains activities that help teachers plan their speech therapy sessions efficiently without wasting much preparation time .The resource significantly bridges between traditional face-to-face method and contemporary digital approach hence it can be used effectively in both physical classrooms as well as home-based schooling scenarios.

To conclude,
The 'Editable Digital Visual Schedules with Tokens - Pets' perfectly combines functionality, simplicity, and adaptability, making it an indispensable tool within any teacher's toolkit whether they are working in traditional school settings or facilitating home-based education programs.

What's Included

Clickable Navigation Links

Clickable Image Boxes (Easily insert your own screen-shots)

Checkable Boxes

Fillable Boxes (Easily type labels)

Clickable Rewards

Resource Tags

interactive teaching visual schedule token board positive reinforcement classroom management

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