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EDITABLE Digital Visual Schedules with Tokens - Pirates

An educational teaching resource from Intrepid Speech Therapy Materials entitled EDITABLE Digital Visual Schedules with Tokens - Pirates downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

EDITABLE Digital Visual Schedules with Tokens - Pirates

An exceptional digital resource designed for educators aiming to enhance the predictability and structure of their teaching session, particularly in speech therapy. This tool is well-suited for students requiring redirection to tasks and positive reinforcement.

Main Features

  • An interactive PDF resource fusing elements of a token board and visual schedule.
  • Greatly supports lesson plans that are quick, personalized and able to meet specific student needs.
  • Ideal for use within public school classrooms or homeschooling sessions.

Innovative User-Friendly Features

  • Customizable layouts and contents, enabling teachers to fit it according to their needs.
  • Clickable navigation links helping with easy movement through material sections.
  • Clickable image boxes allowing the addition of personal screenshots making learning more engaging for students.

Lively Interactive Elements

  • The inclusion of checkable boxes offers an interactive touch.
Fillable Boxes:
They allow typing labels similar traditional handwriting exercises but digitally — excellent for group activities where detailed instructions are needed.
Rewards System:
A featured rewards system includes clickable rewards that can boost student participation during homework assignments by providing noticeable tokens of achievement.

This exclusive teaching aid is perfect for preschool, kindergarten and grade 1-2 levels, especially among those dedicated towards special resources focusing on Classroom Management & Speech Therapy activities. The editable PDF format ensures accessibility across devices enhancing portability whether you are working remotely or not. Its power lies in its adaptability – be it enriching structured learning methods at schools or personalizing educational paths while homeschooling.

With professional credits listed on the final page, EDITABLE Digital Visual Schedules with Tokens - Pirates truly stands head and shoulder above the rest in reinforcing a fun-filled, effective teaching-learning experience!

What's Included

Clickable Navigation Links

Clickable Image Boxes (Easily insert your own screen-shots)

Checkable Boxes

Fillable Boxes (Easily type labels)

Clickable Rewards

Resource Tags

Positive reinforcement Visual schedules Speech therapy Interactive learning Classroom management

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